Celebrity Deadpool 2018

Celebrity Deadpool 2018

Its time for the 2018 Celebrity Deadpool!! We’ve got new rules this year, and a lot more at stake! Who will be our winner?

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Celebrity Deadpool 2018


  1. Participants can provide 1 to 2 celebrity picks per episode!
  2. No repeats! If a celebrity you wanted to add has already been picked, then tough titty! You’ll have to dig deep and find another one!
  3. A celebrity is defined as any famous or celebrated person that is recognizable on a national and/or international level! This can be a politician, musician, actor, director, etc. This DOES NOT include a person recognized locally in your area!
  4. No animals or entities (such as companies, teams, bands, etc) can be added! Only individuals!
  5. You can gamble by guessing a possible cause of death for your celebrity, but there’s a new twist to this idea! If you guess the cause of death correctly, you will receive 20 points, but if you guess incorrectly, you lose 20 points!
  6. As with standard deadpool rules, points are determined by 100 minus the age of the celebrity!
  7. If your celebrity dies of a drug overdose, suicide, or murder, then you receive a bonus of 15 points!
  8. The Deadpool runs from Jan. 01, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018. At the end of the year, points will be tallied and a winner will be chosen!
  9. Terms and Rules can change if determined by the complete panel of members of the NGBR Podcast, but will only happen with advanced notice and if it works in the favor of our participants!



S05E10 – 01/02/18

  1. Jeff Sessions (Portal of Hell Will Open Up To Take Him) – Colin Fitzgerald
  2. Ajit Pai – Colin Fitzgerald
  3. Justin Bieber (GHB OD from Miley Cyrus) – Mike Carlson
  4. Kim Jung Un – Mike Carlson
  5. Charlie Sheen – Robin Spencer
  6. Steve Martin – Robin Spencer
  7. Ric Flair – Spanky
  8. Eli Manning – Spanky
  9. Pat Sajak – Adam Slate
  10. Bob Barker – Doug Ware
  11. Kevin Spacey – Doug Ware

S05E11 – 01/09/18

  1. Zakk Wylde – Doug Ware
  2. Ozzy Osborne – Doug Ware
  3. Bill Cosby – Josh Coleman
  4. Dylan Roof – Josh Coleman
  5. Ryan Seacrest – Tanni Joyce
  6. Aaron Carter – Tanni Joyce

S05E12 – 01/16/18

  1. Eliza Dushku – Josh Coleman
  2. Blake Bortels – Josh Coleman
  3. Val Kilmer – CANCER – Matt Chesler
  4. Jack Nickelson – Heart Attack – Matt Chesler
  5. Seth Rogan – Mike Carlson
  6. Seth Green – Mike Carlson
  7. Tom Cruise – Doug Ware
  8. Robert Plant – Doug Ware
  9. Betty White – Kevin Pollock
  10. John McCain – Kevin Pollock
  11. John Podesta – Blue Unicorn
  12. John Elway – Blue Unicorn



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