Critical Update On Whats To Come!

Hello everyone! I felt it was time for an update on whats going on with this little spot on the World Wild Web! We are planning on having the full website up and running by Oct. 31, 2017, and have some HUGE things planned to come with that re-launch! While we’ve been working hard on producing new episodes of Not Governed By Reason, we’re also working even harder on new side series and segments to entertain the masses! One of these new series pays tribute to our former selves, (Audiological MSG/TheMSG Records) by taking a step back into the world we started in: MUSIC!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, we used to do a lot of work with musicians prior to moving into the more news and political oriented world that has become the Not Governed By Reason Podcast. Truthfully, we never stopped loving the music industry and what comes with it, but we decided to shift gears a while back into a different, unfamiliar world of talking trash about the constantly bitter news cycle! With that in mind, with the full launch of the website will come a new segment series dubbed “Audio Logic,” where we aim to provide an alternative platform outside of the media norm for bands, musicians, and industry members alike! We’re in the process of contacting some different groups we feel very passionate about to help collaborate with the launch of this new segment series!

Of course, we will still be doing NGBR, and the series “Audio Logic,” will be just as much a part of the podcast! We will air our segments LIVE on the Podcast on Tuesdays, followed by the segments being available as separate episodes on our Youtube, Facebook, and all of our media outlets (Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, etc.) Just think of it like that time Road Rules and the Real World Combined to make The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, but this will be much cooler and not full of a bunch of produced bullshit! Keep an eye out for Not Governed By Reason’s AUDIO LOGIC coming SOON!

While this website is being updated, you can check out all of our goodness via our Facebook, our Youtube, and can listen to all of our episodes FOR FREE on just about every music/podcast service out there!

We look forward to having our official RELAUNCH on Oct. 31/Nov. 1, so stay TUNED!!!

We love you all and thank you for being such a huge support!

-Doug (Creator/Host of Not Governed By Reason)