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 Last Updated: Nov. 20, 2017

  1. Introduction
  2. About The NGBR Podcast
    1. What is NGBR?
    2. Who is NGBR?
    3. Weekly Topic & Segments
    4. Other Things You Might Want To Know
  3. So, You Want To Be Our Guest? Heres Some Details
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    2. Schedule Details
    3. Topics & Stories For Each Episode
    4. Things To Bring
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Dear Interested Guest,

Thank you for your interest in being a part of our little-bit-of-crazy we call The Not Governed By Reason Podcast! We really appreciate you wanting to join us, and want to make this the best experience possible for you. With that in mind, we’ve written up some details for the show that should be considered before confirming your appearance. Please take a few moments and read over the information below.



The Not Governed By Reason Podcast, or NGBR, is a weekly, live-streamed, A/V Podcast that airs LIVE every Tuesday night at 6:00PM MST on Facebook Live. We recently changed to Facebook as our main streaming service after Youtube took a turn for the worse. Each episode, we dissect the news and current events of the past week, but with a very uncensored and often offensive approach. We don’t believe in being politically-correct, and this is NOT A SAFE SPACE. We encourage our guests to speak freely and share their opinions very openly. Our stories are sourced from reputable, reliable, and accurate sources and are fact-checked prior to the discussion. These topics can range anywhere but are not limited to, politics, crime, laws, entertainment, social issues, and really anything that might be discussed in the “normal” news cycle.


Not Governed By Reason is hosted and developed by two miscreants named Doug Ware and Josh Coleman, and is engineered/produced by Mike Carlson.


Every episode we have a set of “permanent,” titles we place stories under and a game or two that we like to play during the show. Here are some of the titles and the ideas behind them, just so can be a little bit more familiar with it.

  1. #ThatsWhereItHappens: #ThatsWhereItHappens (That’s Where It Happens) covers weekly stories that are very fitting for the state they are in. 9 times out of 10 these stories end up being in Florida, because they usually have something crazy that happens that makes you think “That makes sense that it would happen there!” For example, if you heard a news story about a naked man eating the face off of a person, and you instantly thought to yourself “I bet that happened in Florida!” So, that’s where it happens! 
  2. #FaithlessHumanity:
    #FaithlessHumanity (Faithless Humanity) covers those weekly stories in the world that make your stomach cringe. These are the kind of stories that make you really question where we are as a society, and whether or not we are losing our humanity. Often times these are the news stories that will make you angry, sad, or disheartened.
  3. #SeedsAndStems:
    #SeedsAndStems (Seeds and Stems) are all the weekly stories we’ve found based on the cannabis industry, weed laws, and other cannabis-related subjects. Sometimes these will also include stories involving other drug news, for example, we have discussed the research behind magic mushrooms and micro-dosing of LSD to help treat depression and PTSD. Since we are in a legal marijuana state, we feel these stories can be important to cover from time to time.
  4. #IdiotofChampions:
    #IdiotOfChampions (Idiot of Champions) is kind of our version of the infamous Darwin Awards. The difference is the subject of the story doesn’t have to die to be awarded the title of Idiot of Champions! These are stories that make you shake your head and question the common sense and intelligence levels of the subject. Basically, these are news stories of people doing outrageous and extremely stupid acts that landed them in the news cycle.
  5. #NotAllHeroesWearCapes:
    #NotAllHeroesWearCapes (Not All Heroes Wear Capes) is our weekly tribute to a random hero in the news cycle. In this day-and-age of comic book glory, we feel that there are some great capeless heroes out there being overlooked. Now, defining what heroic is for these subjects is what makes it so entertaining! This can be someone who took a stand against something, someone who did something radical and off-kilter to bring attention to a cause, or just made us think “Damn, this person is my hero!”
  1. #AsListedByCraig:
    #AsListedByCraig (As Listed By Craig) is our latest weekly game we play during the show. Previously, we’ve had a few different weekly games we’ve played and retired such as “3 Minute Dick Pics!” where our guests and hosts take three minutes to draw their best dick drawing, and “#MeltASnowflake” where we had our guests and hosts tell their most offensive and original jokes. We’ve since retired those games and moved on to #AsListedByCraig. We play #AsListedByCraig every episode at 7:00PM MST to take a nice break away from the news subjects and to change the pace a little bit. During the game, guests and viewers will be shown 3 to 5 different “For Sale,” ads from Craigslist in which everyone must guess the sales price of the item. Following the “For Sale,” ads, guests and viewers will be shown 3 to 5 different “Personal,” ads from Craiglist, and we will ask guests and viewers to respond to said ad as an “interested party.” It gets a little crazy at times, but trust us, IT’S A BLAST!
  2. #AndThePlotThickens*:
    #AndThePlotThickens (And The Plot Thickens) is a semi-regular segment on the show in which we provide updates on a story that we’ve covered in past episodes. Its really that simple.
  3. #TheMoreYouKnow*:
    #TheMoreYouKnow (The More You Know) is a semi-regular segment in which we cover information that has been provided through various “research,” and placed into the news cycle. Researchers are constantly coming up with new results, even if they aren’t scientifically accurate. That is why we decide to take a look at the facts and break them down to the world. For example, if a study is published that claims that “1 in 3 Americans will contract some form of a sexually transmitted disease in their lifetime,” that might be a story we cover in #TheMoreYouKnow.
  4. #BoycottHollywood*:
    #BoycottHollywood (Boycott Hollywood) is a reoccurring segment on the show in which we discuss the various allegations and actions that make Hollywood the cesspool it is. In recent weeks, its been a very busy subject as more and more Hollywood elite are publicly accused of being inappropriate perverts.
  1. #ConspiracyCorner*:
    #ConspiracyCorner (Conspiracy Corner) is a semi-regular segment on the show in which we discuss various conspiracies in the world, or ones we’ve come up with on our own. This really can cover any subject that could be considered a conspiracy.

* = Segments that are reoccurring, but not necessarily covered EVERY episode


If you’re curious, Doug developed the idea and concept of NGBR in the summer of 2016, and officially launched the first episode with Josh Coleman on Sept. 27, 2016. We’ve been doing the show for over a year now, have produced over 50 episodes spanned over 5 seasons, and have grown exponentially over that time. We are constantly looking for new ways to expand and develop on NGBR, and plan on launching other series under the moniker throughout the next year.



We have had a wide variety of guests from a wide array of backgrounds join us since we started, and we are always seeking new, creative, and open-minded individuals to be a part of the podcast. Since we’re a little bit “out-there,” when it comes to content and our discussions, we feel like it is probably a good idea to give our Guest-Prospects a good idea of what they might be getting themselves into by being our guest. Please, take a moment to read over the “dirty details,” provided below before confirming yourself as a guest on the show. If after reading this you’re not completely freaked out and still want to be involved as a guest, then please contact us and confirm that you’re interested so we can schedule you! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for expressing interest in being our guest!


As a guest, we ask that you live in the Northern Colorado-area or have transportation to and from the NoCo area, as our studios are located in Fort Collins, CO. If you are in Fort Collins and need transportation, this can be arranged prior to the show via communication with us. The address and directions to our studios will be provided following confirmation of your guest spot.

Currently, we are located at Doug’s house. In the future, we will be booking various locations to do remote broadcasts from such as venues, breweries, theaters, etc. If you happen to be booked as a guest during one of those broadcasts, we will provide full details of the venue and location to you prior to the show.


As of the writing of this document, we ONLY AIR ON TUESDAYS, so make sure you’re open for the Tuesday you’ve been scheduled for. If you haven’t been scheduled yet, please get in contact with Doug or the other members of NGBR to set a date up. In the near future, we hope to have a calendar available on our website to point people to, but until then all scheduling is done on a person-to-person basis.

We ask that our guests meet at our studios between 5:00PM and 5:30PM prior to broadcasting. We do this as an opportunity to make sure audio and video are leveled and working properly, and to go over the layout and topics for the night’s episode. We go live at 6:00PM no matter what, so please be considerate and be on time. Please note that usually the hosts and producer are working on the episode in the hours leading up to the show, so you’re always welcome to join us earlier than 5:00PM.

The episodes usually last between one (1) and three (3) hours, so plan for being with us until around 9:00PM MST on the night of broadcasting. (NOTE: Three hours seems like a long time, but you will be amazed at how fast that time goes when you’re having fun and great conversations!)


In between episodes we gather up stories and post them in a Closed Facebook Group (Called “Not Governed By Reason Podcast VIP,” that you will be added to when confirmed as a guest. We do this so guests can familiarize themselves with the topics if they care to know ahead of time. You are also welcome to provide topics or subjects you would specifically like to discuss on the show. You can do this by posting up in the Closed Facebook Group, or by messaging them to us via our contact details listed at the bottom of this document.


For one, we ask that you bring YOURSELF and an OPEN-MIND! Second, we ask that you bring anything you’d like to promote yourself or your work. If you have videos, music, websites, or anything digital that you would like premiered during the podcast, we ask that you send them to us in advance or bring them on a flash drive. Our production software can handle just about any kind of digital medium you throw at it!

In the past, our guests have also used the opportunity to promote or do giveaways on the show. If this is something you’d like to do, get in touch with us and let us know what you’re looking to giveaway and we will promote it ahead of the show as well.

Also, if you have a beverage of choice or snacks, you’re welcome to bring them as well. We are accepting of you bringing alcoholic beverages, but we ask that you don’t get so wasted that you can’t speak properly or that you can’t drive. We’re pretty open, as long as you can handle yourself.


We want to make this a great experience for everyone and want our guests to be so welcomed that they feel right at home. To assure this, we have a list of “warnings,” and details that we ask that you consider before fully confirmed as a guest. Please take a moment to go over these warnings. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE!! If you are easily offended, easily triggered, or can’t take a terrible joke, then this might not be the best place for you. We have twisted senses of humor, and aren’t afraid to speak our minds or cross certain lines of what might be considered offensive. These don’t necessarily reflect our true beliefs or opinions and are meant to be taken in jest. 
  2. We can often be a little rowdy with our conversation, so please be prepared for foul language and sometimes inappropriate conversation. We ask that if you aren’t familiar with the podcast, you take some time to watch an episode or two on our Youtube (, so you have an idea of what you’re going to be getting yourself into. 
  3. We indulge in both the ceremonial and recreational use of cannabis (i.e. we smoke pot!) before, and sometimes during the episode. If you are NOT OK with being around the consumption of marijuana, a legal plant in our state, then this might not be the right podcast for you. We don’t force or require people to partake, we just ask that you be tolerant of it. 
  4. The studios are located at Doug’s (host/creator) house in Fort Collins. Doug has animals and kids (which can be one in the same at times, HA!). If you are uncomfortable with or allergic to kids or animals, please let us know in advance so we can limit your exposure. Please note, the kids nor the animals are in or around the studio during broadcasting. 
  5. There are a lot of clowns (some of them kind of creepy) in the studio. If you are a Coulrophobe (someone with the fear of clowns), please let us know so we can also limit your exposure to them. Don’t worry, they’re not real clowns (or Juggalos) they’re just decorative! 
  6. Doug and Mike are both cigarette smokers. We often smoke in the studio during the show. If you have a problem with cigarette smoke, please let us know, and we will plan accordingly to smoke outside and avoid “smoking you out!” 
  7. We want you to be comfortable, feel welcome, and have a blast! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or needs that you would like addressed, please communicate with us prior to the show! 
  8. We want this show to not only be an opportunity to come on and share your thoughts, but we also want this to be an opportunity to PROMOTE YOU! If you are a musician, artist, comedian, film-maker, etc. and have content you’d like to show or promote on the show, or if you would like to do a live performance on the show, then feel free to let us know what you’d like to do or show during the broadcast. Once again, our software is very powerful and can handle just about anything you throw at it! 
  9. On the lines of #8, sometimes its easier to pre-record our guests doing what it is they do. We are open to scheduling a time prior to the Tuesday of the show to meet up and film a segment of our guest(s) that we can air during the broadcast. This helps for those who can’t bring their work with them, such as full-bands, live concerts, glassblowing, etc. We will also provide you with a copy of the final, edited segment for your own use, and each segment will be uploaded as a separate video on our various platforms to increase visibility and exposure. 
  10. Last, but not least, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, criticisms, etc., please feel free to contact us with them! We’ve included contact details at the end of this document!

That pretty much covers it for what we expect from you as a guest, and what you can expect from us when you join us! If these all sound like things you’re ok with and you are still interested in joining us on the show, then we’d love to have you! Below, we’ve included links and details on how to access the podcast, and contact information for NGBR so you can get into touch with us! Thanks again for your interest, and we look forward to having you join us!



We have an ever-growing presence around the web, so below we’ve included a breakdown of our social media, publishing platforms, and contact information for NGBR.


Facebook –

Twitter: – (@NGBRPodcast)

Instagram: – (@NotGovernedByReason)

Youtube: –

Website (A Work In Progress): –


We are published on a variety of different platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, Player.FM, Podknife, Podcast Republic, and MORE! We’ve built easy, redirected links to guide people to the most popular platforms, but not for all of our publishers. Here is a list of our redirected links and where they point to. The list of other platforms are available on our website, and will be added to this document in the near future.

iTunes: –

Google Play Music: –

Stitcher Radio: –

Youtube: –

Youtube Live Feed (Our broadcast feed):


Doug (Host/Creator) handles a good majority of the communication, so most of the contact information below is to get a hold of him directly.

CELL PHONE (TEXT OR CALL): (970)459-7658

You can also use Facebook Messenger to contact us, either through our handle (@NotGovernedByReason) or directly on our page (


That pretty much covers it! Like we said, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc., feel free to contact us! Let’s start planning on a date, get you scheduled, and start promoting! Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to having you as our guest!