S05 E01 – Can’t Nobody Hold Us Down!

Its our first episode of our FIFTH OFFICIAL SEASON of Podcasting, which is so exciting!! Joining us as our special guests for this episode, dubbed “Can’t Nobody Hold Us Down!” is Noah Sugarman (Bassist of MountainUS, and WaterIsLifeMovement Member) as well as our favorite professor, Kevin Pollock! We even had a fill-in producer gettin’ weird on it with us!

S05 E01 – ‘Can’t Nobody Hold Us Down!’
SPECIAL GUESTS: Noah Sugarman & Kevin Pollock
AIRED: Oct. 03, 2017
DURATION: 03:05:00 (3 hrs 05 min)

For our first episode of Season Five, we wreck the usual news cycle with our special guests Noah Sugarman and Kevin “Whether the Weather” Pollock! Topics for this week’s episode include our discussion of the Route 91 Music Festival shooting in Las Vegas, Semen contaminated Flutes in California, our first ever #AndThePlotThickens (featuring a talk on Jim Carrey’s downfall and Jared Kushner’s female registration), Marilyn Manson’s stage accident, and SO MUCH MORE!

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