S05 E02 – Warts on the Earth

In this episode, we get weird with our reappearing guest, future Colorado State Senate candidate Julian Archuleta and our good buddy and huge supporter of the podcast, Adam Slate!! We cram a lot of topics into this episode, as we will be off on Oct. 17th for a concert of one of the best metal bands out there, 36 Crazyfists!! Read more by clicking the “more…” link below!

S05 E02 – ‘Warts on the Earth!’
SPECIAL GUESTS: Julian Archuleta & Adam Slate
AIRED: Oct. 10, 2017
DURATION: 03:05:00 (3 hrs 05 min)

During this episode of NGBR, we get down and dirty with our special guests Adam Slate and future Colorado State Senate candidate, Julian Archuleta! Topics for this episode include bad drug dealers named ‘Babycakes’, the resignation of the Miami Dolphin’s OC after the surfacing of a video of him snorting a mysterious white powder that didn’t look like cocaine, the rise of sexual assault stories in the media, the abuser of Alaskan prisoners, and SO MUCH MORE!!! We are off next week (Oct. 17th) for a concert, but will be back in action for our next episode on Oct. 24, 2017 LIVE at 6PM MST on Youtube!!

You can view the episode through the embedded player above, on our Youtube Channel, or you can listen to it on a variety of sources, including Google Play, Stitcher Radio, iTunes, Podcast Republic, Podknife, and MORE!!